Enthusiasm is Contagious

“Having enthusiasm is contagious. Not having enthusiasm is also contagious.”

– Fortune cookie

You know, in Spinning there’s a concept that if you try really hard to push the pedals on a hill it’s more likely that you’ll be fighting them than actually succeeding at making them go round. It will actually be harder than if you relaxed your body and just went with the rhythm of the cycle. Instead, you’re supposed to relax your shoulders, back, and elbows, and make yourself heavy in the saddle (seat). When you do that, it almost seems as if the pedals have a mind of their own and your body ends up having more energy to power through. By tensing up you only sap your body of any power that it has, because it seems that you’re fighting to push the pedals forward, but what you’re really doing is fighting against them.

It’s the same with weight loss and living a more balanced and positive life. The more you complain about working out and eating healthier, and the more you tell yourself that you’ll never feel good about yourself the harder it will be to actually get there. You need to embrace it and run right through your challenges and not go around them. You’ll find that success breeds success and that you’ll get nowhere fast by complaining and feeling sorry for yourself. Look towards the future and know how great you will feel after you struggle a bit to get there. That kind of happiness is priceless and is worth any pain you might have to suffer now.