Get Real: How to Find Time To Exercise

I know what it is to be busy – this is my first post since June. With the New Year already 8 days in, you’re probably still going strong on your New Year’s resolution to get fit or lose weight. … READ MORE

Hating Your Post-Baby Body Is Not An Option

Do you cringe when you see photos of celebrities’ post-baby bodies? Do you love your post-baby belly or do you only see your flaws? Well, a group of blogging moms over at the CT Blogging Moms Group decided to bare … READ MORE

I’m In Love…

…with, a fitness social network that helps you reach your goals by turning them into a game. Get rewarded for your workouts by earning points, unlocking challenges, and gaining rewards. Share it with your friends and become part of … READ MORE

My Baby, My Body, My Craziness

I recently read an article called the Top 5 Regrets of the Dying and must tell you that not one regret had to do with looks or weight. I read this article a week before I went to the doctor … READ MORE

Welcome tABLE Health!

I’m so very please to announce Very Personal Training’s new partnership with tABLE Health, a small, energetic business that was founded on the premise that fresh, local ingredients are the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle. They offer environmentally sustainable, … READ MORE

Pregnancy and Body Image

A client of mine asked me today how I was feeling. Aside from the mellowness from the gloomy weather I’m feeling pretty good. She said, “yeah, but are you ready to have the baby out?” I must get this question … READ MORE


I’m thinking about the past two weeks and just have to give a big congratulations to a few people… Jen Z., Melissa, Erin, and Reina: You’ve taken huge leaps and you’ve made me so proud. I’m ecstatic with your success … READ MORE

Remember This…

Ever hear of Newton’s Law of Inertia? You may not know the proper name for it, but you’ve definitely heard the phrase “an object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in … READ MORE