Myth #2 – Low-Fat Food Are Healthy

When I was in 7th and 8th grade I went through a huge Snackwells phase. Remember those? I wanted to lose weight and thought that it was so awesome that a company made “good for you” cookies, cakes, and cracker. I could eat an entire box in one day. And when Entenmenn’s came out with their low-fat danish, I polished that baby right off. Oh, and NutriGrain bars, with their yummy fruit filling, gotta love those!

Low-fat foods may seem like the best option, but that’s not always true. Many of these foods contain lots of added sugars to make up for the loss of flavor, which means that lots of times these foods contain almost the same amount of calories (take a look at reduced fat peanut butter). Too much sugar forces your body to store it as fat, which is exactly the opposite of what you’re trying to do by eating these foods. You’re trying to look leaner not lumpier, right? Shockingly, even though they are lower in fat, these foods can still contain unhealthy saturated fats. And like myself, once upon a time, most people who eat these foods eat double the amount thinking that it’s “safe”, because after all, it’s low-fat, right?… Nope!

Make sure to read food labels and pay attention to serving sizes, calories, and added sugars. Not all low-fat foods are entirely bad for you, but you have to see what these foods are really made of. And you may even find that sometimes it’s worth having the full-fat version, because you will be more satisfied. Just make sure to stick to one portion!