Products I’m Obsessed With – Fit Deck

What makes working out fun, less confusing, easy to follow, and super transportable? You guessed it, Fit Deck.

Fit Deck is a super portable deck of cards designed to take the confusion out of working out. Each deck of cards comes with easy to read and follow instructions for different exercises. And each deck comes with its own unique theme, such as bodyweight, stability ball, Yoga, resistance bands, plyometrics, dumbbells, prenatal, senior fitness, and even travel. Oh, and I forgot my favorite – Playground! I love the travel and bodyweight ones, because then there’s never an excuse to not exercise, and I don’t have to lug tons of equipment with me.

I own about ten different decks (they have over 25) and seriously don’t travel anywhere without it. If you’ve got your Fit Deck and your body then you’re ready to go and don’t have to have the excuse that you couldn’t find a gym or don’t have fitness equipment.

Each deck comes with its own set of exercises with options for beginner, intermediate, or advanced worker-outters, plus ideas for games that you can play with the cards. That’s right, you heard me, games! Who says working is boring and tedious?

Right now they’re offering 50% off their mobile app. You can check that and all the other decks out here.