Products I’m Obsessed With: Misto!

I always wondered why my omelette pan always felt so sticky, even after I’ve washed and re-washed it several times. And then I came across this from Cooking Light Magazine:

“Cooking spray is a no-no on nonstick pans. It contains lecithin, which leaves a gummy residue that interferes with the nonstick qualities.

Aha! Now I see…

Luckily I’ve switched from cooking spray to using strictly olive or canola oils since I found this little handy gadget…

One of my favorite kitchen tools

Meet Misto! This handy little fella gets almost daily use. Simply fill the bottle with oil, pump the cap a few times, spray the nozzle, and voilĂ , you have a fine mist of oil that coats your pans, coats your veggies, and won’t leave a mist all over the room.

And because I really want you to have it, here is a handy little link to buy it.

Happy misting!

Think About It

I’ve become a bit of a wuss lately.I’m way more cautious and nervous about things I never would have thought twice about before this pregnancy. Like, should I cross the street now even though the orange standing man is steady on the cross walk and the next car coming down the street is 3 stop lights away – what if my sense of distance is off and I misjudge how fast the car is really going?

Should I have an apple now because that’s what I’m in the mood for or should I have a well-rounded balanced meal, because that’s what I’m told I should do?

Maybe I shouldn’t be walking on those subway grates or metal doors that go to who knows where underneath stores – what if after all these years of walking on them I fall in?

The other day, crossing the street, Roman and I both had the same hesitation. I laughed at how pathetic we were and so did he, but then he said rather seriously, “it’s just that now we have too much to lose”.

That got me thinking: Do we have too much to lose now just because I’m pregnant and we’re going to have a baby that’s more precious than our own lives or did we always have so much to lose, but never thought about it until now? So, I started making a mental list of all the things I had before this pregnancy that are too much to lose. I’ll share it with you…

1. Roman, who I love with not just my whole heart, but every cell of my body. I can’t imagine life without him.

2. Our home that we decorated together, and already in just two and a half years has way too many memories to count.

3. My mom who would build me wings if I told her I wanted to fly.

4. My sister who would fly right beside me just because I wanted her to.

5. Billiam and Ozzie, the 2 best dogs that I could have asked for and who have taught me so much about discipline, love, affection, taking care of something, determination, and balance.

6. My friends who I know are there for me whenever and if ever I need them.

7. My passion for life and the willingness to live on my own terms.

8. My clients who have impacted my life as much as I hope I’ve impacted theirs.

And the list goes on and on…

I always knew I had these things, but I never really THOUGHT about it. And that got me thinking about even deeper things.

When you’re struggling with something you think you’re never going to get through and never figure your way out, you tend to see the world as black and white. Things are either amazing or they are the worst they could be. You feel stuck, and it’s easy not to realize all the things in between that black and white that you need to be thankful for. Things that are there even if you’re too fat, too thin, struggling with emotional eating, not being where you expected to be in your career, fighting with your family, and feeling like you’ll never get to a happy place. The thing is though, you have to not just selectively see the bad, but you have to selectively see the good that is there too.

If you just realize all the things you have to lose you’ll realize that your happy place is already right here. You just need to recognize it.

Now it’s your turn – Make list of all the things in your life that would be too much to lose.

Bigger Huger Even Massiver News

As if opening up a new space wasn’t enough excitement, work and exhaustion for me there’s another thing going on. Well, this thing has been going on since before I got the new studio, but what the hell, when it rains it pours right? Why even carry an umbrella?

Ok, so here goes… I’m pregnant!

What does that mean for you? A whole new section in the blog called “Fit Momma”. Now, this section isn’t just for mother’s to-be or mother’s that are, it’s for everyone, because not only is this baby causing me intense tiredness, nausea (that passed, thank the lord!), bouts of light-headedness, near faintings,and the inability to walk up a flight of stair without huffing and puffing, but this little bundle of joy to-be has thrown a monkey wrench into my feelings of security with my body-image, ability to exercise, and not to mention the constant wanting to eat. It’s like a crash course in reminding me what it’s like to start a new way of living.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad. Not at all. There are more good things about it than bad things, and even though it’s messing a bit with my body-image it’s also teaching me enormous lessons, like how to force myself to take it easy without crucifying myself for all the things I didn’t do. Or, realizing that everyone needs to tone down their exercise once in a while – even me.

So, there’s going to be bucketfuls of honesty and tips on how I’m dealing with it all, and hopefully you’ll be able to gain something from my pregnancy too.

Big Huge Massive News!

I’ve teased all you followers on Facebook for weeks about some big announcements that I’m dying to tell you. I can’t reveal all of them now, but I will let you in on at least one very huge one…

Very Personal Training is turning 2 years old this month and in honor of our birthday I am so proud to announce that we are moving to a brand new personal training studio! This is a massive step for this little baby that has been 2 years in the making and I am ecstatic to finally say that it’s happening!

Stay tuned for info on the grand opening. Let the demolition, construction, and decorating begin!