Products I’m Obsessed With: Misto!

I always wondered why my omelette pan always felt so sticky, even after I’ve washed and re-washed it several times. And then I came across this from Cooking Light Magazine:

“Cooking spray is a no-no on nonstick pans. It contains lecithin, which leaves a gummy residue that interferes with the nonstick qualities.

Aha! Now I see…

Luckily I’ve switched from cooking spray to using strictly olive or canola oils since I found this little handy gadget…

One of my favorite kitchen tools

Meet Misto! This handy little fella gets almost daily use. Simply fill the bottle with oil, pump the cap a few times, spray the nozzle, and voilĂ , you have a fine mist of oil that coats your pans, coats your veggies, and won’t leave a mist all over the room.

And because I really want you to have it, here is a handy little link to buy it.

Happy misting!