Products I’m Obsessed With: Dumbell Alarm Clock

I hear this all the time… I don’t have time to work out. Well, the dirty truth is that if the president of the United States of America has time to work out then so do you. You just have to make the time. And sometimes that means waking up an hour earlier to fit it in. So, here’s something that will not only remind you to work out, but will help you get out of bed to actually do it!

Before going to bed, set the time that you would like to wake up. In the morning, this little baby won’t turn off until you do 30 bicep curls. That’s 15 for the right and 15 for the left. Aha! You’ve already started to fit in your workout AND you’re awake. It’s that easy!

Amazon had the cheapest price and you can get it by clicking here.

Now that I’ve solved that issue, is there anything else I can help you with?

Happy New Year and happy working out.