Hating Your Post-Baby Body Is Not An Option

Do you cringe when you see photos of celebrities’ post-baby bodies? Do you love your post-baby belly or do you only see your flaws? Well, a group of blogging moms over at the CT Blogging Moms Group decided to bare their bellies to protest perfection. It all started when one of the moms saw a link to a photo of a post-pregnant Beyonce and was too frightened to click on it because she knew Beyonce would look perfect, like all celebrities do 2 minutes after giving birth. This sparked a conversation in the group and they all decided to do a photo shoot in order to embrace what their bellies and show people what real women without trainers, chefs, and photoshop look like after having a baby. These are their inspiring photos…

They have an amazing challenge that I want you to embrace. Whether you’ve had a baby or not, get a group of friends together and hold your own photo shoot. Embrace what you look like and stop wishing you were perfect. Your body is capable of amazing things and just because you don’t have the perfect stomach, thighs, or boobs, it is still amazing.


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