21 Day Challenge – May 25th to June 14th

Congratulations! Yesterday was the end of your first 21 day challenge. How did it go? I give these challenges to a lot of my clients and it really helps them get to their goal in a much more manageable way. It takes away that overwhelming feeling of “where do I begin, what should i do first?” and it can really help make the whole thing way less stressful.

Speaking of goals… Do you know what yours is? For the next 21 days I want you to work on your “Victory Vision”. A Victory Vision is what you see for yourself a year from now. The idea is to make this vision as specific as possible to you. It may go something like this… “One year from now I am putting on a nice form-fitting dress, which is something I thought I would never feel comfortable in. I look in the mirror and can see how far I’ve come. It feels so great knowing that my hard work paid off and it was so worth it, because today I am going out feeling so confident, strong and sexy. I’m not upset in dressing rooms anymore, because I feel good about myself. I work out 4-5 times a week without a second thought.”

Make your Victory Vision as true to you as possible. Speak in the present as if it’s already here and be as descriptive as possible. No one else is looking at it but you, so don’t feel embarrassed about anything you write. Just be honest with yourself about what you want for your life a year from now.

For the next 21 days read this Victory Vision aloud to yourself in the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to bed. As an incentive I’m offering up a little contest giveaway! Post your vision in the “comments” box and I will choose one as the winner for a bottle of Scott Barnes’ Body Bling Shimmering Body Lotion.

It’s what he uses to give celebrities their glow on the red carpet (think J. Lo!). So get cracking!