be the tortoise

At about 3 this morning a gurgling sound coming from somewhere in my house woke me up, but I figured it was just that kooky toilet making noise and it would stop on its own. It either did or I fell back asleep and didn’t notice, because at 7am, Billiam, my dog came into the bedroom to wake me up. This caused me to shoot right out of bed, because he only jumps over the baby gate by the stairs when Ozzie, my other dog gets sick. I headed for the stairs and even before I walked down them I could tell that Ozzie wasn’t sick, but my sewage drain was. There was black sewage (yup, that’s right, the kind that comes from toilets) all over my downstairs floor, carpet, and half-way into my training studio.

Normally this would put me right into a panic, but for some reason I just took it as it was and dealt with each thing as it came up. First, I called the plumber, and if any of you think that an emergency plumber means they’ll be there within a 1/2 hour, you’re way wrong. I had to call about 10 different companies before one said they’d be there within a half hour (it was 60 minutes actually). He pumped, sucked, vacuumed, and cleaned, and about 2 hours later he left. He left me with a mostly clean floor, but then I had to get on my hand and knees and scrub other people’s poop out of the grout on my tiles with a toothbrush.

Why am I telling you this? Because it made me think that patience really is a virtue. Had I freaked out and lost control I would be stressed out and upset, but that wouldn’t change the fact that I had poop streaming down my floor and that I had to clean it up. Losing weight slowly is so much better than losing it quickly, because you will keep it off for years to come. Be nice to yourself and don’t try to rush things. If you slip up don’t panic, learn from what went wrong and pick up your perseverance again. And most importantly, take things as they come and don’t look too far ahead. Looking too far into the future leaves too many possibilities and it becomes too overwhelming. Just pay attention to the here and now and do what you can little by little. Be the tortoise not the hare.

Oh, and the silver lining… I now have a sparkling floor!