Week 10 – 12 Weeks To A Stronger, Sexier, More Confident You

(Sorry for the lateness of this post, my internet was out all day. Don’t you hate that!)

You’re almost at the end, keep it up! I’d love to hear feedback form any of you who’ve been following this workout plan. What changes have you noticed physically, mentally, and emotionally? Do you feel more in control of your body? Is the habit of working out becoming more second-nature and less torture chamber? Is it actually doable and are you surprising yourself by being able to push through when you don’t feel like it? Let me know what you’ve been feeling!

The Workout:
Week 10

I’m having so much fun making these playlists, because I’m discovering new music every week. This week’s playlist features only female artists. Check it out!

The Playlist:
- Warm-Up
Jungle Drum (Emiliani Torrini)
I’m Good, I’m Gone (Lykke Li)
Ooh La La (Goldfrapp)
The Con (Tegan and Sara)

- Workout
Dejalo (Rilo Kiley)
Spring And By Summer Fall (Blonde Redhead)</em>
New Years (Asobi Seksu – absolutely one of my favorite artists right now)
Walk Back In Your Head (Tegan and Sara)
I Feel It All (Feist)
Skeleton Song (Kate Nash)

- Cardio
Goodbye (Asobi Seksu – because they’re that good)
Lions And Tigers (Asobi Seksu – no, really, they are)
Nefi + Girly (Asobi Seksu – ok, last on, I promise. We call my niece “girly, so I just had to put this one in there)
If Looks Could Kill (Camera Obscura)
Kiss, Kiss (Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs)
Foundations (Kate Nash)</em>
You’ll Find A Way (Santigold)
Creator (Santigold)
Great DJ (The Ting Tings)
Le Disko (Shiny Toy Guns)</strong>
Shut Up And Let Me Go (The Ting Tings)

- Cool-Down
Free (Cat Power)
Be OK (Ingrid Michaelson)