Week #9 – 12 Weeks to a Stronger, Sexier, More Confident You

In case you were wondering where your workout for last week was, there wasn’t one. Sometimes you need to completely take a break, which is what my husband and I did this past week. It’s good to let your body and mind rest once in a while, so don’t sweat not sweating.

Now that you (and I) are good and rested you should be able to come back with a renewed sense of inspiration, motivation, and energy. Week 9 marks the 3/4 mark in this program, which is where most people quit. You’ve been going at it long enough to feel you have a handle on things, but you are also losing some of the vigor you felt when you first started. Think of this as a “tipping point”. You are climbing the hill now, but as soon as you hit the peak it will be smooth sailing from here. Fight the urge to slack off and get through this hurdle and you’ll feel so empowered by your ability to force yourself through the discomfort that I promise it will cross over into other areas of your life. You will realize that you have the power to do anything you put your mind to.

To help you out I’ve changed things up a bit. It’s good to challenge your body and mind by shaking things up, so I promise you will not be bored by this one!

The Workout:
Week 9

The Playlist:
- Warm-up
When Doves Cry (Prince)
Common People (William Shatner **everyone always says that they would listen to Morgan Freeman read the phonebook, but Willie is the only phonebook reader in my eyes.)
Jump (Madonna)

- Workout
Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)
Bang A Gong (T. Rex)
1901 (Phoenix)

- Cardio
California Gurls (Katy Perry)
Kool Thing (Sonic Youth)
It Takes Two (DJ EZ Rock & Rob Base)
Crazy In Love (Beyonce’)
Let Me Blow Ya Mind (Eve & Gwen Stefani)
Tambourine (Eve)
Paper Planes (MIA)
NYC Beat (Armen Van Helden)

- Cool Down
Father Figure (George Michael)

** Combine this with my 12 week weight management program to maximize your results. Leave a comment if you d like some more info.