Very Personal Training is about more than just losing weight

It’s about being proud of your body through safe, engaging sessions that transform what you see in the mirror.

It’s about clearing your mind of the dangerous and damaging influences of fad diets, fad workouts, and pop media‘s insistence that whatever shape you have is never the right one.

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It’s about feeling cared-for, heard, and motivated in a private studio away from the press of bodies, machines, and endless mirrors of the gym.

Most importantly, it’s about finding confidence to be fit and balanced and strong; to choose to do it for yourself, and not for anyone else’s approval.

Very Personal Training is all about trying the impossible and exceeding your expectations. It’s about uncovering hidden strengths that you didn’t even know were there. It’s about finding true happiness and never letting anything stop you. This is inside of you; it’s just waiting to be unleashed. We can help you.

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You are so much more than a dress size.

Counting calories, obsessing in front of the mirror, emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, starving, and feeling like it’s all for nothing?

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I struggled for years with my own weight and body image issues. I’ve been seven different sizes and nothing I ever tried seemed to work.

Through fitness I learned so much about my own body, how all bodies actually work, and most importantly, myself. I was finally able to realize that “perfect” doesn’t exist, put the old me behind me and let go of the things that were holding me back.

After years of work studying the connections between exercise and nutrition, the psychology of weight management, and of course exercise science and programming, I finally felt and saw results. That insight and expertise is what I use to train your body and help you clear your mind in a way no mega-gym or quick-fix diet can touch.

I didn’t go through all of this for nothing – I get you – and I’m here to help, with a team of trainers, nutritionists, coaches, and health professionals at your service.
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What Clients Are Saying

“Dani brings her own very personal, very relevant life experiences to the table which quickly make you realize that she gets what it’s like to be female and have a “relationship” with your body. If you’ve got something to work on or work through, she’ll support your journey.”
-Koren Reyes, Top Maternity Photographer

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“I used to dread the 8am work out time but now completely look forward to every appt I have with her. She’s changed my vision on working out and eating right! She also has made it easier for me to make the changes, slowly but surely… and best of all she’s patient with me. I’m also learning that it’s ok to not be perfect.”
-Reina, Associate Producer“I’ve suffered from low self-esteem most of my life, and she has already helped me immensely! She understands where I’m coming from, and has been much like a mentor to me. She’s given me new perspectives, given me extremely wise advice, and helped me open my eyes so that I can see myself as the beautiful person that I am.”
-Kelly, Photo Editor“When I walk into her place, it’s *me* who is cared for. I can let go all of my caregiving for others and allow another person to take care of me – but even better, she doesn’t allow guilt for that! She wants to take care of me.
-Kristin, Photographer

“Dani also takes a more holistic approach to personal fitness. You won’t just go there, sweat it out, and be forgotten until your next appointment. Dani will check in with you to see how you are feeling, and will adjust your workout accordingly. Dani, just by being who she is, makes you feel like you can do it, whatever your particular “it” is.”
-Valerie, ER Nurse Practitioner

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The Physical

Personal Training • Spinning • MELT Method • Pilates • Pre/Post Natal Fitness

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Training your body will show you that your goal is reachable if you work on the strength of will and body to fight for it. There is no shortcut to anything worth achieving, and this is where you surprise yourself at just how capable you really are.

The Mental
Mind/Body Coaching • Nutritionist Consultation • Lifestyle & Weight Management
Clearing your mind is losing the fear and doubt that holds you back, as well as the myths about health, nutrition, eating, fitness, and food that keep you on the diet roller-coaster. We will identify the hidden obstacles that keep you from making progress and provide you with the tools to get around them. Like everything else in life, fitness is 90% mental.
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Subject to change at any time without notice
1 hour-long session $105
10 hour-long sessions $100 per session
20 hour-long sessions $95 per session

Member Specials:
Memberships has its perks!
Members get unbeatable rates on personal training. See details here.
Prices are Per-Session
1xWeek …$85
2xWeek …$80
3xWeek …$76
6xWeek (4 workouts, 2 MELT) …$72.50

Fitness that fits your schedule:
These high-intensity sessions are only available to pre-approved clients based on physical health and their trainer’s go-ahead.
1 half-hour intensive session $65
10 half-hour intensive sessions $62 per session
20 half-hour intensive sessions $58 per session
Buddy Sessions:
1 hour-long session $153
10 hour-long sessions $145 per session
20 hour-long sessions $137.50 per session




I want to hear from you!

In our media-saturated world it seems like there are endless contradicting articles, studies, and information that make it hard to know who to trust. I’m not a scientist or health guru, but I know that most of what’s out there can be really harmful to your body and your psyche, even if the seller has the best of intentions.

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So if you have questions about fitness, diet, healthy eating, body image, or just want to say “hi,” I’m just a click away:

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