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The Virtual

These days, staying home is the healthiest thing you can do. Training from home, yet together –virtually– with one of our dedicated personal trainers will make sure you stay mentally and physically strong enough to deal with whatever this “new normal” brings.

The Physical

Personal Training • Spinning • MELT Method • Pilates • Pre/Post Natal Fitness

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Training your body will show you that your goal is reachable if you work on the strength of will and body to fight for it. There is no shortcut to anything worth achieving, and this is where you surprise yourself at just how capable you really are.

The Mental
Mind/Body Coaching • Nutritionist Consultation • Lifestyle & Weight Management
Clearing your mind is losing the fear and doubt that holds you back, as well as the myths about health, nutrition, eating, fitness, and food that keep you on the diet roller-coaster. We will identify the hidden obstacles that keep you from making progress and provide you with the tools to get around them. Like everything else in life, fitness is 90% mental.
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Subject to change at any time without notice
1 hour-long session $105
10 hour-long sessions $100 per session
20 hour-long sessions $95 per session

Member Specials:
Memberships has its perks!
Members get unbeatable rates on personal training. See details here.
Prices are Per-Session
1xWeek …$85
2xWeek …$80
3xWeek …$76
6xWeek (4 workouts, 2 MELT) …$72.50

Fitness that fits your schedule:
These high-intensity sessions are only available to pre-approved clients based on physical health and their trainer’s go-ahead.
1 half-hour intensive session $65
10 half-hour intensive sessions $62 per session
20 half-hour intensive sessions $58 per session
Buddy Sessions:
1 hour-long session $153
10 hour-long sessions $145 per session
20 hour-long sessions $137.50 per session