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Very *Virtual* Personal Training

These days, staying home is the healthiest thing you can do. Training from home, yet together –virtually– with one of our dedicated personal trainers will make sure you stay mentally and physically strong enough to deal with whatever this “new normal” brings. We can be there for you on Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or the virtual service of your choice, even by telephone if that’s what you prefer. We miss seeing you live and in-person, and we miss the comfort and peacefulness of training in our 6th Ave studio, but we are seeing great success with clients who commit to staying the course, virtually fighting to reach their goals and not letting a little nationwide quarantine slow them down. All jokes aside, this is a tough time and we can’t give in to easy temptations like the couch, the bed, and the over-stuffed refrigerator offer. Get up, and keep going, even if you’re sheltering in place.

Very Personal Training is about more than just losing weight

It’s about being proud of your body through safe, engaging sessions that transform what you see in the mirror.

It’s about clearing your mind of the dangerous and damaging influences of fad diets, fad workouts, and pop media‘s insistence that whatever shape you have is never the right one.

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It’s about feeling cared-for, heard, and motivated in a private studio away from the press of bodies, machines, and endless mirrors of the gym.

Most importantly, it’s about finding confidence to be fit and balanced and strong; to choose to do it for yourself, and not for anyone else’s approval.

Very Personal Training is all about trying the impossible and exceeding your expectations. It’s about uncovering hidden strengths that you didn’t even know were there. It’s about finding true happiness and never letting anything stop you. This is inside of you; it’s just waiting to be unleashed. We can help you.

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