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If you had a wound that needed 5 stitches, would you put just one in every 2 weeks?




So, you can understand why having your 10-pack of training sessions last 4 or 5 months is not actually benefiting you in any way.


Sure, we always say, “something is better than nothing”, and yes, that’s definitely true, but after a while you have to ask yourself, is just something enough? There’s a point where you have to push yourself further. If you want to see results you need to go outside your comfort zone and PUSH YOURSELF.


It’s outside that comfort zone where real change happens.


I get it though. The biggest stumbling block to training, aside from scheduling, is the cost, which is why you might not put one stitch in at a time, but you might want to make your package last as long as possible. But if you want to see real results you have to show up more than once a week. And I know some of you really really want to show up more, but can’t afford it.


So, that is why we are doing our best to make sure you get all the training you want and need and making it a lower cost per session by introducing our new Monthly Membership Packages.


Resistant to change and like spending more money? You are more than welcome to keep the current packages that you’re used to, but if you sign up for auto-renewal every 4 weeks you’ll get, in addition to your personal training sessions:


  • FREE access to classes in our brand new studio
  • FREE gym access to use all of our fitness equipment when you’re not with your trainer
  • Monthly workshop events, so that you can reach your goals even faster. That means you can drop that gym membership you keep paying for!


At Very Personal Training, we are all about building habits and feeling good about yourself, and this is going to help you make working out and taking care of yourself more effortless, which means you will enjoy it more. And because we want you to succeed and feel supported you can use your monthly sessions for Personal Training, Yoga, MELT sessions, or Coaching, so you can really reach your goals.


Our grand opening celebration membership rates are for a limited time only and only for our first supporters, so grab yours before they go up!


And here’s just a sneak peak…


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